Since our business start-up in 1989, we achieved many successful projects with respect to sheet door frames as a priority. Our sheet door frames are certified with a Certificate of Manufacturing Competence and a Certificate of Conformity with applicable Turkish Standards. Using original machines and molds, our door frames are produced in a fast and top-quality manner, with diverse dimensions required in projects. Up to today, our company has produced almost over two millions of sheet door frames. In the 2000’s, we expanded our sheet door frame productions by fire doors, metal door wings, and shaft covers. Thanks to our modern infrastructure and technical know-how, we have always manages to identify the expectations properly and to complete our projects successfully with a fast and reliable sense of production complying with international standards. In addition to the ITU technical report issued for our fire doors, the Chiltern International Fire-Resistance Certificate, which we obtained from England, has brought us to a significant position both in the domestic and international market. Our fire doors have been the number one preference of many long-established, major construction companies (Ağaoğlu, Varyap, Soyak, Albayrak, Sur Yapı, Özyazıcı İnşaat etc.) in the domestic market.

The low-cost, easy-to-produce, easy-to-assemble, durable, corrosion- and deformation-resistant sheet door frames, fire doors, and metal door wings of İSAŞ’s product range that at the same time provide protection for the walls, into which they are mounted, can be applied in domiciles, hotels, hospitals, schools, and business centers in an utmost healthy manner.