In 2000, İSAŞ expanded its products range by the production of fire escape doors in addition to the services furnished for the construction sector since 1990. In line with its targets, İSAŞ attaches huge importance to the certification of its productions. The fire escape doors produced by the company are fire-resistant up to 60 – 120 minutes. The company is the proud holder of ITU Technical Specifications and an International Fire-Resistance Certificate granted by Chiltern, a worldwide accredited English company.

The interlocking frames utilized for these doors have not only an appealing aesthetic appearance, but also wall-enclosing properties thanks to its hidden assembly property located beneath the seal.

Our fire doors have indeed a very large area of usage. Its most significant property lies in that it ensures a fast and safe escape from a space posing danger in case of a fire, while protecting the escape route from fire to maintain its safety. The usage area of our fire doors are mostly collective housings, schools, hospitals, malls, airports, and prisons, etc., in brief emergency exit areas where safety is primary.

Product Properties;


  • Sheet rolls with DKP properties
  • 12 compression trapezoids in each frame, 2 parts assembled by means of 8 threads beneath the seal (hidden assembly)
  • Adjustable according to wall thickness; sealed, chamfered
  • Electrostatic paints in any desirable color
  • Corners of the frames are cut 45 degrees, welded and the welding spots in the joint of the corner are cleaned.
  • Spring or pivot hinge
  • Smoke-proof seal


  • Fire door wings produced of DKP sheet; interlocking on three sides
  • 3 reinforcement girths integrated into fire door wings
  • Concentrated rock wool filling in fire doors
  • Fire-resistant plasterboard
  • Electrostatic paints in any desirable color for fire door wings
  • Panic bar
  • Hydraulic closing mechanism or spring hinge

Our fire doors are priced according to their dimensions and quantities foreseen in a particular project. Please do not hesitate to contact our company for further details.



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