Our company is specialized in the production of steel door frames and accessories thereof (seal-hinges) and has been certified by the TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) with a Certificate of Manufacturing Competence and a Certificate of Conformity with applicable Turkish Standards. Carrying out all of its productions in compliance with German and Italian DIN norms, our company’s door frames are produced of strips cut from 1,5 – 2 mm thick sheet rolls, on original Italian machines using original moulds by means of a multi-stage open profile machine equipped with a milling system. Subsequent to precise 45° miter cuts, the frame profiles produced in any desirable dimensions are provided with standard lock and hinge positions by means of moulds, followed by controls carried out with templates on pneumatic benches. After completing the frameworks and joints, the surface is cleaned of any welding tracks and primed with an anti-corrosive paint to make the frame profiles ready for dispatch.

Thanks to the due diligence shown both in the technical infrastructure (Italian machines and molding systems) and product quality, the millimetric deviations seen in the frames produced by our company comply with global tolerances (3 per thousand), allowing for a proper assembly of doors accompanied by an unproblematic completion of wing assemblies.

Since 1988, İSAŞ has applied all these systems to its productions with the highest level of precision possible and never made concessions to its standards or quality. Thus, the company carried out the production of hundred thousands of door frames. Every single work executed by us delivered a positive reference for our company.

Our sheet door frames are priced according to their dimensions and quantities foreseen in a particular project. Please do not hesitate to contact our company for further details.



Sheet Door Frame Drawings

Sheet Door Frame Profiles